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Take a few seconds, & narrow down then compare local expert Property Solicitors JLQ's Legal Firm finder© You decide, you compare.


Local Solicitors, Great Fees

If price is no indication of great service, how can you tell? All our partner firms must show a high level of expertise and sign up to our ethical charter.


How To Save £1,000's

There's huge savings and ways to make £1,000's, but there are just as many pit falls. We set out the essential rules for any Property Developer.

Wishaw Property Solicitors


Have you got a minute?

Our 30 second guide to buying and selling property. What to say and what to avoid. Essential negotiation tips to keep you in control.

Glasgow property solicitor Fees


Five unbeatable savings

There are no upfront costs or payments required, you are free to withdraw at any ...

property solicitor Fees


So, your on the move?

Ever considered how you can save money? Moving home can be expensive, but you can save ...

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Our panel of Expert Local Solicitors can offer expert advice in all areas of the law. From negotiations and contracts to conveyancing and finding the best local solicitor to provide the best service. We are here to help and have over the years we have targeted expert conveyancing lawyers and expert solicitors to cover all your work and needs. Our legal experts work on a daily basis helping and guiding people through the legal aspects and implications of an emotionally charged time. They provide practical advice from purchasing property and the risks involved to first time buyer advice and costs involved to sell or buy property. Take a few minutes to compare and find local law firms and see why they've been highlighted to you.

    Online legal firm comparison website. Conveyancing | Family Lawyers | Employment Lawyers Claims, Commercial Property Leases Road Traffic Offences Will Creation and also Divorce lawyers  Compare Local Solicitors.
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Just Law Quotes Compare property solicitor Fees



Promoting Great legal Service

" It's about great service at a fair price "


Giving an online voice to great service

… We promote a professional service first and foremost. If given the option and the chance to discuss, clients always tend to choose on service. Studies show that clients only choose on price if they cannot define quality or service. We believe that there are some great legal firms offering a fantastic service but cannot directly reach clients to explain what they offer. Here at Just law Quotes we link new clients direct with some fantastic local law firms, It's about giving service a place and giving some great firms an opportunity to have a voice online...(Read More On Giving Service a Voice)

Conveyancing Fixed Fees and Costs

" You want a full picture of the costs? "


You want to know the costs at the start

… NOT at the end? Some Firm's and Website's property solicitor fees and quotes state that they are fixed, but are they? Look at the small print. Does your quote say the dreaded words “this quote is for a standard transaction”? So what is a standard transaction? ... Is your idea of a standard transaction the same as the solicitor you use?….

OK, how about some straight facts!

... Like an MOT for your car, you're NEVER going to get a full and complete FIXED FEE! Sorry but it's a fact! I know you want to believe it and you have heard the urban myths, but it's best that you understand that straight-forward transactions cost less, but some cost more. Hopefully your transaction is simple, but at an early stage who knows what will be required? For example, your bank or the solicitor for the purchaser may want a flood or environmental report; alteration documents; coal report; extra searches to check the boundaries; or there may find a defect in the property that require's to fixed before you can use the loan funds. The list can be endless.

So what's the plan?

Providing you with a quote which includes the majority of costs and the common additional costs is essential. Yet always remember that you will be provided a fully transparent quote. Use a law firm who can avoid the costs, negotiate hard and ensure that the costs are borne by the other party.

Our quotes for fees won’t depend on the value of your property

Our fee quotes are not always dependent on the price you pay for your new property or for the price you sell at, so in that respect you could say they are partially fixed and not just calculated on a sliding scale. We don’t believe in higher solicitors' property fees just because the property price differs, it's the same work!

Property solicitors costs easy to follow

Your Property solicitor's fees and costs will be narrated and easy to follow. No costs or fees charged by the hour, per telephone call or per letter sent. Your fee quote using our online calculator shows the fees and costs for your property solicitor.


How to buy property!

How to negotiate ...you don't need to be an expert with our easy 10 step guide...

property solicitor Fees


5 facts to consider:

Paid to be friendly and helpful but you must consider who is giving you advice and who they really work for... NEVER assume that things are...

property solicitor Fees


Don't believe the hype!

Many buyers use the builder's choice of solicitor! ...Really? Well you would be amazed ...get an independent solicitor...play hard ball...

property solicitor Fees


What to tell a buyer?

The ethical dilema... It's a buyer beware legal system ... so here are the rules... It's your decision to make when you sell...

Can We Try The Service For Free?

Why Not?

Our unique conveyancing ‘No Obligation Service Opportunity’ allows you the opportunity to experience our highly valued service without any commitment or payment on your part, so go ahead and compare conveyancing fees. It's easy and you'll help support leading UK Charities. This period starts when you call and continues until you are happy to verbally accept your formal offer. The beauty is that if at any point within this period you decide not to proceed, you are free to walk away at no cost to yourself (subject to your agreed terms and conditions). We consider this to be a great option for you, saving you costs and giving you an opportunity to try our renowned service before making any decision.


How Competitive Is The Fee?

As competitive as possible from a variety of solicitors. Our aim is to keep the costs down, and keeping the service at a high standard.


What’s All This About?

As part of our ethos, we wanted to be involved in more than just supplying great legal quotes online. We remain committed in ensuring clients get the best service for their transaction and we provide not only a platform for clients to reach a suitable solicitor but for solicitors to promote the services on offer. We'd like to thank everyone who has helped us contribute to this cause. If you're new to our website run an online quote to find the right solicitor whilst comparing conveyancing fees.


How Easy Is It To Get Started?

Very easy! Give us some brief details about the property and we'll prepare quotes for you. Our quotes will be specific to you. If you want we can get you started there and then. We always encourage you to provide us with as accurate information as you can to help us get the best price and the advice you really need. You also get to compare conveyancing fees from a variety of solicitors. We work hard to make the whole process as clear and open as possible.


What Do I Need To Know?

The beauty is that it doesn't matter whether you are a property developer or a first time buyer, you don't need to be an expert because our property solicitors are. The easiest answer is that you don't need to know the process to obtain competitive quotes. We allow you to compare conveyancing fees, its your house, its your call.

property solicitor Fees


How To Buy Property!

How to negotiate ...you don't need to be an expert with our easy 10 step guide...

property solicitor Fees


5 facts to consider:

Paid to be friendly and helpful but you must consider who they really work for... Asking the right questions... NEVER assume that things are...

Don't Believe The Hype!

Many buyers use the builders choice of lawyer! ...really? well you would be amazed ...get an independant lawyer...play hard ball...

What to tell a buyer?

The ethical dilema... It's a buyer beware legal system ... so here are the rules... It's your decision so here are the rules...


A Few Questions Answered . . . To Help You Start


Will I be expected to know the basics?

The simple answer is no. Many of our clients are first time buyers or have not moved home in years. Our success is the fact that your conveyancing solicitor’s day job is taking you through the process.


I am really nervous, how can you help?

It is natural to get a little apprehensive, we understand this. Don’t worry, it’s not your job to drive the process and be the expert. You will be taken through the whole transaction step by step at a pace that suits you.


What is the usual timescale to buy?

Given that you are only one party to the transaction you cannot complete the purchase untill everyone is ready. The normal delay is your lender (if you have one). With a lender the usual time to completion is about 6 weeks. If it's a cash buy things can get done in a few days, assuming everyone else involved is ready too.


If I find a house I want, can you do the rest?

You’ll need to sign some documents and make a few decisions. But yes, all the technical ground work and checks will be done by your chosen conveyancing solicitor and then set on a plate for you. They'll make it as easy as they can.


Do I need to check all the documents and deeds?

No, your conveyancing solicitors will check the deeds, reports and if required the surveyor or bank will be approached on your behalf.


Do I need a mortgage before I offer for a house?

No, but you will need to look into the basics (mortgage in principle). On a practical point you don’t want to offer for a house unless you know it's within your budget, so it's best to check with your lender and at least have an agreement in principle.


How many houses can I offer for?

We want you to get the house you want and not one further down your list. There is also no limit on the amount of offers you can make but you can only offer for one at a time. Your chosen conveyancing solicitors will keep you right.


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