How to Buy Property, Compare Conveyancing Fees
How to Buy Property, Compare Conveyancing Fees
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Giving An Online Voice To Service

Minute Thought

We promote a professional service first and foremost. If given the option and the chance to discuss, clients always tend to choose on service. Studies show that clients only choose on price if they cannot define quality or service. We believe that there are some great legal firms offering a fantastic service but cannot directly reach clients to explain what they offer. Here at Just law Quotes we link new clients direct with some fantastic local law firms, It's about giving service a place and giving some great firms an opportunity to have a voice online.

The new high street is online but the legal profession has been slow to respond. Having a website is never enough anymore, legal firms require to engage with their clients online. A few firms have embraced this new market and this has proved very beneficial, but the vast majority haven't made the transition to the new high street.

Unfortunately unless firms have a great IT department or deep pockets, reaching a new generation of clients online is not possible. For the small to medium high street Scottish law firms to survive while undertaking the ever increasing regulatory compliance and to deal with a shrinking high street client base, all the while being squeezed on fee income by online legal factories, will take a huge shift in the mindset.Yet without this voice some great firms will disappear and clients will forever be left with a diminished stressful service and cheap fee.

If you ask clients they all tell you service is important, we just needed to arrange for these unique and fantastic firms to reach clients exactly when they are ready to make a decision. Great service is a factor for clients but only if firms have a chance to discuss it. That's why the clients agree to allow the legal firms to contact them for more information. It is important that firms have a voice and clients have the opportunity to listen

Just Law Quotes Compare Conveyancing Fees

Who Shapes Our Modern Collective Consciousness?

Minute Thought

Like most things in life, with time comes complacency. However lately I’ve been forced to remind myself why we do this, what is our true role within the machine of the day to day grind. We don't stand alone within our space. We’re a gear in the clock, turning as our peers and comrades turn with us. We are influenced and we influence.

Complacancy creeps in as a result of failing to stop and consider. Pause and take a minute, because being aware of what is shaping us is the first step. We're all aware how social media has played a role in forming who we are as both individuals and as a whole. Individually, we’re aware of what everyone else is thinking and whether we know it or not this begins to influence our own thoughts and opinions.

We can choose what to allow in and what to filter out, but do we? Its easy to agree with our chosen peer group but who sets the adjenda. Behind every message there is an adjenda. The greatest casulty with our new world of social media maybe our own free thoughts, and for some this has been replaced by 'modern collective consciousness'. So I invite you to consider who shapes our modern collective consciousness. I inivite you to pause, take minute and stand alone in your own space. Because you are an individal first and foremost and when you are comfortable with this who knows your free thought may find its voice.

Just Law Quotes Compare Conveyancing Fees


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