How to Buy Property, Compare Conveyancing Fees
How to Buy Property, Compare Conveyancing Fees


" Find & Compare Ethical Expert Law Firms "


" Find & Compare Ethical Expert Law Firms "

Our Charter


" ...Getting involved..."

Condition 1. To work with and promote professional legal firms;

Condition 2. To ensure that all clients are treated ethically and to the highest standards

Condition 3. To provide greater communication between client and lawyer by promoting communication from the start

Condition 4. To ensure that we abide by the ethical and moral codes of conduct lay down by the Regulators;

Condition 5. To promote donations direct and indirect through Gift Aid; Leave a Legacy; & Commercial tax planning donations.

Our Legal Charter


" ...Common purpose..."

Service Guarantees

Our Legal Charter

So why are our panel of legal firms so good? Well all our panel firms sign up to our 'Service and Ethical Charter'. In short it allows you the client access to great legal fees from firms which are committed to;

Condition 1. Offer a basic legal fee as shown on the estimate, where applicable;

Condition 2. The legal firm's summary of basic outlays indicated must be in-line with the estimate of outlays as shown, where applicable;

Condition 3. The legal firm must issue the potential client a fully transparent 'Terms Of Engagement' which can include list of possible additional costs and or outlays at first instance. It is fundamental principle that prior to any work the client has an understanding and the opportunity to discuss and to consider the potential costs to allow the client to decide who to instruct;

Condition 4. Subject to the specific firms terms of engagement with the client you should not charge the client any upfront fees or charges and shall only request payments from the potential client at the completion of the works, unless stated in your terms of business to the client.

Condition 5. The legal firm will not charge a fee if the works do not proceed or do not complete unless agreed in the terms of engagement;

Condition 6. The legal firm must provide free initial information, Offers and notes of interest to any potential client at the outset;

Condition 7. Clients must be free to withdraw from using the legal firm without cost or penalty at any time during the transaction unless agreed or disclosed to the client in the terms of business. Outlays paid on behalf of the client are excluded from this offer


No Obligation Service Opportunity

Try Our Legal Firms

" ...Free Consultations & More..."

Our unique ‘No Obligation Service Opportunity’ allows you the opportunity to experience our supporting law firms highly valued service without any commitment or payment on your part. This period starts when you call and continues until you are happy to verbally accept your formal offer. Or in the case of non domestic conveyancing works you are provided with a free consultation. The beauty is that if at any point within this period you decide not to proceed, you are free to walk away at no cost to yourself. We consider this to be the best legal option for you, saving you costs and giving you an opportunity to try and or speak with the firm prior to any commitment, this is always conditional on any agreement the clients reach with the legal firm.

It’s easier to donate money, we try to help and support charity. The real art is that we can all help make the difference by supporting charities. Many of our supporting legal firm have a strong charity bias and we always encourage clients to consider donations direct and indirect through Gift Aid; Leave a Legacy; & Commercial tax planning donations.

It is well known that Just Law Quotes was founded on the clear principle of supporting expert legal firms reach out to clients and to promote a professional fee. We work in tandem with some of the leading legal firms to make the difference. It’s our view that success cannot be measured by pure economics or by measuring profits. For a new generation there must be opportunities that allow them to invest in their future. Providing a positive legal experience to clients must be of benefit to clients and the future of the legal profession.

Very easy! Once you have decided on the best firm for you just pick up the phone or drop them an email. It may be that they will contact you and help you get started. We always encourage you to ask questions, this helps us get the best price and the advice you really need. Our supporting legal firms work hard to make the whole process as clear and open as can be.

The beauty is that it doesn’t matter whether clients are property developers or a first time buyers, seeking matrimonial advice or starting a company they don’t need to be experts because or supporting firms are. Some people take a hand on approach while others are happy for the law firm to drive the work forward. The easiest answer is that clients don’t need to know the process; the legal firms are fully experienced and are happy to fit in where needed.


Gift Aid - Can You Help

To this end we urge any of the clients to donate via Gift Aid. Clients can get involved at the beginning or at the end. If possible we hope that all our partner firms shall also join in and where possible send a donation to their own charity.


Leave A Legacy

Leave a legacy is a movement where people leave a sum of money in their Will to a named charity. To this end many of our partner firms are happy to set up your Will or amend any existing Will with a codicil. You can also contact The National Free Wills Network direct yourself (tel: 0845 020 4309 / email: )


Commercial Donations

For our many commercial clients, please remember that gifts of money made to a charity by your company should be paid gross, before tax is deducted. These donations are deductible from the total profits of your business when calculating Corporation Tax. The charity doesn’t need to make a Gift Aid tax repayment claim because no tax has been paid. Please ask your company and commercial lawyer for more information



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