How to Buy Property, Compare Conveyancing Fees
How to Buy Property, Compare Conveyancing Fees
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Who Shapes Our Modern Collective Consciousness?

Part I

Like most things in life, with time comes complacency. However lately I’ve been forced to remind myself why we do this, what is our true role within the machine of the day to day grind. We don't stand alone within our space. We’re a gear in the clock, turning as our peers and comrades turn with us. We are influenced and we influence.

Complacency creeps in as a result of failing to stop and consider. Pause and take a minute, because being aware of what is shaping us is the first step. We're all aware how social media has played a role in forming who we are as both individuals and as a whole. Individually, we’re aware of what everyone else is thinking and whether we know it or not this begins to influence our own thoughts and opinions.

We can choose what to allow in and what to filter out, but do we? Its easy to agree with our chosen peer group but who sets the agenda. Behind every message there is an agenda. The greatest casualty with our new world of social media maybe our own free thoughts, and for some this has been replaced by 'modern collective consciousness'. So I invite you to consider who shapes our modern collective consciousness. I invite you to pause, take minute and stand alone in your own space. Because you are an individual first and foremost and when you are comfortable with this who knows your free thought may find its voice.

Just Law Quotes Compare Conveyancing Fees

Welcome to the hamster wheel

Part II

I understand that you can't avoid the hamster wheel, it helps us pay the bills; plan holidays; live life. Yet I bet you think it gets in the way? Thankfully we have have a relationship with social media to help us keep in touch while we travel to the wheel and even take a break from the wheel. Yes relationship, you do know you're in a relationship! Let's consider your relationship to Facebook, twitter and instagram. For better or worse your new partner knows you and to get rid of them would be acrimonious and very public. Few would dare.

Yet why would you block or delete your online relationships? They help us use our free time to stay in touch, reach out, it's all so easy; all so quick. Who knows even internet shopping, online browsing and banking have all allowed us to save time. So lets consider with all that help, what have you done with all your extra time?

It's funny that we once thought that the PC would result less paper, more 'time to do the job'. Unfortunately the opposite seemed to have happened. The same could be said about our new internet relationships. We spend more time now manufacturing our online personas, using them to post information, sharing, liking, surfing and in return our partner helps us find what we like and dare I say it who we like. Even their friends like Google help us. We surround ourselves with platforms that keep alternative challenging thoughts away. That's what we want, Yea? Unfortunately content has bread more content. Yet despite epic volumes of information in the cloud we only seem to see what we like and want we want to like. Could it be that our new online relationship and its online partners have more sway than we think.

We're provided with targeted information piped direct in a format that we want. Combine this with less human interaction, less random meets, it seems we're in danger of filling our lives, likes and interests with likeminded people. Let's face it internet shopping will not show you the unexpected idea, product or thought. Hold on! Maybe the hamster wheel may throw up that unexpected ideology, random thought and new idea. How about taking some of that saved time and step out, remove the head phones and listen... heaven forbid that you even start a conversation. Finally, don't dismiss the hamster wheel and what it may bring to your life.

Just Law Quotes Compare Conveyancing Fees

What really is Corporate Responsibility?

Minute Thoughts

The concept of corporate responsibility has been long accepted, but I pose the thought that things may have moved on? Now the original concept has enveloped to show a wider consciousness, carbon foot prints, ethical trading, adoption of anti slavery policies and fair pay.

Yet our consumer driven environment drives on with the odd reflective thought, why? Ulitmately the driving force of any business is profit, market share and shareholder value. Corporate responsibility is in danger of becoming a thin veneer that we are happy to focus on? Is corporate responsibility enough to tackle the overriding commercial drive, the pursuit of profit. Like the drive to introduce more business women to boardrooms, I would like to pose the question of introducing real corporate responsibility real change to the core of business decisions. Our consumer driven lifestyles continues to come at a cost and will continue to until we take positive action change.

#GIVEBACK reflects our own shared view to consistently make an effort to recognise our own role in this environment. Corporate responsibility requires a rethink. We do not believe that it should be the afterthought once profit has been reached, once contracts have been negotiated and production methods have been decided. Corporate responsibility must shape or decisions at the highest level, at the beginning of the conscious decision process.

Just Law Quotes Compare Conveyancing Fees
Just Law Quotes Compare Conveyancing Fees


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